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Huey (Iroquois) in Profile

Bell UH-1H Iroquois (Huey) Gunship - Callsign 'Bushranger' in Australian Army service, ca 1996. Later versions had single MAG-58 GPMGs instead of the M-60s.

Bell UH-1D Iroquois (Huey) Helicopter in 'Slick' configuration (ie Troop transport without armament) in Air Force service ca 1985. (No tail boom strakes, No exhaust deflector, No GPS antenna, etc).




Iroquois Profile
Giclee print on archival paper
Size as requested by customer


"The Bell Iroquois UH-1H (Utility Helicopter  Project Number 1 Mark H) was the RAAF and Australian Army's primary troop transport helicopter and gunship for three decades supplementing the Chinook. It was later replaced by the Black Hawk as primary troop transport.

Providing sterling service in Vietnam, they were finally retired from service in 2007.

"The prints shown at left are examples of different configurations for different operations. A customer may order a particular version of a print and request a specific tail number or configuration and may ask for different crests or images to be included. For more information, go to the commissions page.


Standard print (above left)

A3 size 297 x 420mm - $60.00

Custom made print to order with different features as requested by the purchaser (see Commissions Page for more details).

A3 size 297 x 420mm - $80.00,
A2 size 420 x 594mm - $100.00


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A Royal Australian Air Force 'B' Model Huey with twin M-60Cs and forward firing M-60s and 2.75" FFAR in launcher.

The photo was taken in March 1968 at which time, D-Model Hueys were being introduced including the 'standard' Gunship configuration See pic below of 'D' Model Iroquois). The B Models were outmatched by the D Models and soon this configuration was superseded.

Here is the info from the AWM Website

Vietnam. 1968-03. Starboard view of No. 9 Squadron RAAF Iroquois helicopter gunship, UH-1B A2-1025, commonly known as "Ned Kelly". This aircraft was the first RAAF helicopter to be fitted with a trial armament system which was fitted to each side of the helicopter. The armament system included a XM 157 airborne rocket pod containing seven 2.75 inch Folding Fin Aircraft Rockets, twin side mounted M60 C machine guns (mini-guns) which were capable of firing 6000 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition and twin door-mounted M60 machine guns which fired 400 rounds of ammunition. (Donor DepAir file 417/5/48 Pt1)

http://cas.awm.gov.au/photograph/P01999.003 accessed 15 Sep 08


AWM P01999.003

This image is of the same aircraft shown above.




AWM P01999.005


This is the 'standard' configuration of the Bushranger Gunships which lasted until the late '90s when the M-60s were replaced by the Belgian-made MAG-58 7.62mm GPMG. The Gunships were retired in 2004 and replaced by the ARH Tiger.

Here is the information from the Australian War Memorial:

An unidentified UH-IH Iroquois Bushranger helicopter gunship of 9 Squadron, RAAF, which has landed at an unknown fire support base (FSB) in Phuoc Tuy Province. The rows of steel ammunition boxes on the floor of the cargo area behind the cockpit, hold thousands of rounds of 7.62mm x 51mm ammunition which feeds the electrically operated M134 six barrelled minigun, mounted outboard between the cargo hold and the pilot's door. Note the flexible ammunition feed chute and the red shroud protecting the minigun barrels. A pair of M60 machine guns with 1000 rounds of ammunition per gun, are mounted on a pintle post, at the rear of the cargo hold and are used by a designated door gunner. Note the door gunner's body armour and flight helmet on the seat behind the twin guns. Fitted below the waist guns is a seven barrelled rocket launcher, with each tube containing a 2.75 inch rocket. Identical weaponry is also fitted to the other side of the aircraft. The standard cargo hook and the rescue hoist, seen on most other UH-1H Iroquois has been removed.



AWM P05002.025

Close up of the 7.62mm minigun and mount during the Huey's retirement 'last flight'.
Close up of the 2.75" FFAR launcher and mount. The door guns have been excluded from this flight.



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