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Kiowa Profile






Kiowa in Profile
Giclee print on archival paper
Size as requested by customer


"The Bell 206B-3 Kiowa was the Australian Army's primary Light Observation Helicopter. First operated by the Australian Army Aviation Corps in Vietnam (where they used leased OH-58As from the US Army), the Bell 206B-3 was produced in Australia with high skids and various role equipment. Its primary role was as the eyes of the ground commander in gathering intelligence on the battlefield, calling in artillery missions or close air support and various other utility roles. As a reconnaissance platform, it was replaced by the ARH Tiger and was then relegated to training duties.

"The prints shown at left are examples of different configurations for different units and uses. A customer may order a particular version of a print and request a specific tail number or configuration and may ask for different crests or images to be included. For more information, go to the commissions page.


Standard print (above left)

A3 size 297 x 420mm - $60.00

Custom made print to order with different features as requested by the purchaser (see Commissions Page for more details).

A3 size 297 x 420mm - $80.00,
A2 size 420 x 594mm - $100.00


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Independent Productions and Aviation Services is the website of Conway Bown, Australian Army Official War Artist and Aviation Consultant. Services include portrait painting and other portraiture, aviation services such as CRM - Crew Resource Management - and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training - HUET - which may include Emergency Breathing Systems - EBS - training using Helicopter Aircrew Breathing Devices - HABD - or Helicopter Emergency Egress Device - HEEDs.

During 2006, Conway Bown deployed to the Middle East as the Australian Army's Official War Artist, what the US Armed Forces call Combat Artist. This website features the artwork created during this project as part of the Australian Army's Official Art Scheme.

For more information on War Art, Combat Artists, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) or Crew Resource Management (CRM), please visit the relevant webpages:

HUET - RHO Aviation

CRM - RHO Aviation

EBS - RHO Aviation

Official War Artist - IPAS.