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Portrait of Corporal Kerri-Ann Steindl

Portrait of Corporal Kerri-Ann Steindl
Graphite pencil on 220 gsm Canson drawing paper
297mm x 420mm (sepia and white highlights added post-production)

‘When I’d found out I’d been nominated for the award, I said: “What for? I was just doing my job!”’

Such is the modesty and humility of Corporal Kerri-Ann Steindl, recipient of the 3rd Brigade’s Juniour Leader Award for February 2010, and reflects a common response from these remarkable soldiers. Soldiers who go about their job professionally; without seeking attention; but because of their dedication are noticed by their commanders.

Kerri –Ann is the first in her family to join the Army. The daughter of a train driver and a cook, she left high school in Sarina and moved to Mackay at 18 to train as a Dental Assistant with the Queensland Department of Health… but soon discovered that something was missing. She felt somewhat in a rut and whilst she enjoyed her job, felt it had no direction.

But growing up in the Sarina/Rockhampton area  meant she would often see ADF members transiting through heading to or from Shoalwater Bay Training Area and it was seeing these soldiers that planted a seed in her mind, one that germinated into the idea that direction lay in the form of an Army uniform. So in May 2007, she joined the Australian Army and has never looked back.

Finishing her recruit training at Kapooka, she had her civilian skills tested and was found to have exemplary standards. 30 hours of clinical work in the surgery followed where her capabilities and work ethic were analysed and, after passing with flying colours, was posted to the 3rd Brigade’s 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion where she has served ever since.

In 2010 Corporal Steindl was instrumental in preparing the 2 RAR Battle Group for overseas deployment and it is for this work in particular, and her leadership and standards in general, that she was unknowingly nominated for the Commander’s Junior Leader Award for February.

When told of her nomination, she showed her humility and dedication with her quizzical comment. She was successful in the award against stiff opposition and was presented her award, and then deployed on a trade qualification course the next day for six months where she again proved her dedication by graduating as a Senior Dental Assistant-Preventative.

Corporal Kerri-Ann Steindl – alongside the other recipients of Commander 3rd Brigade’s Junior Leader Award –  exemplifies all that is good in the Army’s Junior NCOs and with her positive attitude and dedication is sure to go far in the Australian Army.



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