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There are a number of different aviation services that IPAS can provide for you:
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Scenic Military Historic Flights over Townsville

Aircraft Charter for passengers, freight or specialised surveillance

Commercial Helicopter or Aeroplane pilotage

Crew Resource Management Training

Safety Around Aircraft Training

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

Emergency Breathing Systems Training

Mission Crew Training (Specialised Service - Call to enquire)



Commercial Piloting Services

Conway Bown has a wide range of experience in different aircraft types; from the tiny and maneuverable MD500s to the giant CH-47 Chinook helicopter, he has flown a full range of missions, safely and without incident or violation.
Civilian Missions have included Charter, Powerline Survey, Airborne Law Enforcement, EMS, Aerial Photography and Sightseeing amongst others.
Conway holds an ATPL(H) and a CPL(A) with a blemish-free record and almost 4000 hrs.

The different aircraft types Conway is endorsed on are as follows:

MD500 (Hughes 500)
B206 and 206L (Bell Jet Ranger/Long Ranger)
AS350B (Squirrel)
BK117 / EC145
S-70A-9 Black Hawk
CH-47D Chinook

Fixed Wing <5700kg
PN61 Partenavia
BE 76 Duchess
C337 Skymaster
AC500 Shrike Aerocommander
BE58 Beech Baron


If your company needs a contract helicopter or aeroplane pilot on a short term basis, who is able to relate to your clients and customers and ensure their safety and satisfaction, then contact Conway Bown. Contact details are here


 Flying Memorial to Vietnam Veterans

The M337 performs as a flying memorial to Vietnam Veterans in general and to the RAAF pilots who flew as Forward Air Controllers with the USAF during the Vietnam War.

For Hi Res images, click on the images below.  For PRESS RELEASE  click here

VH-OTU with display rocket pods

VH-OTU showing front engine
coaming and nose art

VH-OTU with display rocket pods (2)

Glass cockpit fitout

Coming to Australia

VH-OII (shown for illustrative purposes)



Crew Resource Management Training



The IPAS CRM course is unique amongst CRM courses for it is customised for your style of operations.

Adhering to the CASA suggested syllabus as listed in the SMS CAAP for operations in accordance with CAO 82.0, 82.1, 82.3 and 82.5 operations, it provides practical application of CRM for the client's operations. The IPAS course designer will cooperate with the client and design a specific course for you using your logos, images and operations manual information.
Specialising in low level operations for rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft operators and especially where the crew consists of aircrew and mission crew mixes such as EMS, SAR, Electronic News Gathering, Airborne Law Enforcement and Aerial Fire Fighting operations. The IPAS CRM course does not exclude non-flying members of the aviation team and operations, administration, maintenance and management personnel are encouraged to attend. CRM's applications are wide-ranging and the IPAS CRM course is delivered in a humourous, thought-provoking and non-technical manner.

Available from IPAS for CRM training are specific courses tailored for Aerial Fire Fighting and Emergency Services operations. Future components on offer will be practical application of CRM whilst airborne using the EM-RAP 337 (see above)

For more information, contact Conway Bown. Contact details are here

Below are some of the clients of Independent Productions and Aviation Services Crew Resource Management services

Government Agencies of South Australia

NSW Bush Fire Agencies

Australian Customs Service

Australian Helicopters P/L

Country Fire Service of SA


Australian Aerospace

Electricity Trust of South Australia

NSW State Emergency Service

Ambulance Victoria

Dwyer Aviation Services

Helicopters Australia P/L

Paton Air Helicopters

Aeropower P/L

Queensland Fire and Rescue Service

Careflight Medical Services

Ergon Energy

NSW Police Force Aviation Support Branch

The following aviation services are available through RHO Aviation Training Services P/L, a partner of Independent Productions and Aviation Services

  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

  • Emergency Breathing Systems Training

  • Mission Crew Training

  • Commercial Piloting and Aircrewman Services

For more information on these courses and services, please visit the following website:




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Independent Productions and Aviation Services is the website of Conway Bown, Australian Army Official War Artist and Aviation Consultant. Services include portrait painting and other portraiture, aviation services such as CRM - Crew Resource Management - and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training - HUET - which may include Emergency Breathing Systems - EBS - training using Helicopter Aircrew Breathing Devices - HABD - or Helicopter Emergency Egress Device - HEEDs.

During 2006, Conway Bown deployed to the Middle East as the Australian Army's Official War Artist, what the US Armed Forces call Combat Artist. This website features the artwork created during this project as part of the Australian Army's Official Art Scheme.

For more information on War Art, Combat Artists, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) or Crew Resource Management (CRM), please visit the relevant webpages:

HUET - RHO Aviation

CRM - RHO Aviation

EBS - RHO Aviation

Official War Artist - IPAS.