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RESOLUTE - Brigadier John Caligari DSC AM

AVO-Battlefield Cabbie

Digger - Heir to Anzac

Zeroing In

Bushmaster Crew (Iraq)
(see War Art)

A Sergeant-Major of the Cavalry (after Tom Roberts)

Commander - RAAF Combat Surgial Team - Squadron Leader Cooper RN

A Man (2006)
after Hilda Rix Nicholas

Be an Aussie Digger

3 RAR Para (Iraq)

His father's son - Brigadier Stuart Smith AM

3 RAR Para (Iraq) (no 2)

(See War Art)

Shoeing the Horse

Military Working Dog Poster

From the Dat
(Insertion on Operation Mundingburra)

"Soldier, Rest!"
The last of the Light Horsemen

Portrait of Major Simon Moore-Wilton DSM


The Waler of Beersheba 


Desert Chooks (Iraq)

Aussie Digger

Trolling for a Kill

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori
(It is beautiful and fitting to die for your country)

Forward Scout

Les enfants dans une terre ancienne
(Children in an ancient land)

TPR Parkinson 2/14 LHR QMI

M1 Commemorative Painting

Digger - Anzac's Guardian

Study for The Sniper

Black Hawk 2

Wallaby Airlines landing at Nui Dat

The AME Medic (East Timor)

Mt St Quentin Digger

The Infantryman


ASLAV-25 in Profile

Iroquois in Profile \
(Army Gunship 1990's version)

Sketch of an Infantryman

A Sqn Black Hawks over High Range

The Cavalrymen (East Timor)

Black Hawk in Profile 

Centurion Tank in Profile

Black Hawk

L5 Pack Howitzer in Profile

(East Timor)

Warrant Officer Rod Cairns
38 Squadron


The Loadmaster (East Timor)

Black Hawk on Op GEMINI

GI in Vietnam

Portrait of a US Naval Aviator from USS Ticonderoga, South China Sea, 1968

The Aircrewmen 

Blue Line
(dedicated to the Police Services)

Sioux in profile


CPL Drummond

SGT Holland


Paratrooper of the 82nd

Bush Chook

Caribou Lapes

The Shooter (Iraq)
(see War Art)

F18 in Profile

Nil Morphine (Iraq)
(see War Art)

PC-9 in profile

BAe Hawk LIF in profile

Oil Sketch of an ASLAV Crewman


M777 Firing


FO Party

Op Stabilise/Tanager



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Independent Productions and Aviation Services is the website of Conway Bown, Australian Army Official War Artist and Aviation Consultant. Services include portrait painting and other portraiture, aviation services such as CRM - Crew Resource Management - and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training - HUET - which may include Emergency Breathing Systems - EBS - training using Helicopter Aircrew Breathing Devices - HABD - or Helicopter Emergency Egress Device - HEEDs.

During 2006, Conway Bown deployed to the Middle East as the Australian Army's Official War Artist, what the US Armed Forces call Combat Artist. This website features the artwork created during this project as part of the Australian Army's Official Art Scheme.

For more information on War Art, Combat Artists, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) or Crew Resource Management (CRM), please visit the relevant webpages:

HUET - RHO Aviation

CRM - RHO Aviation

EBS - RHO Aviation

Official War Artist - IPAS.